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Our Steel Frame building system is the future of residential and commercial construction. Steel is much denser and resistant than any other material used, with faster building times and easy fabrication in different sizes. Steel frame constructions are also more resistant to weather conditions, can achieve a high Energy Class A, and the fact that steel is 100% recyclable and cost-effective, makes it the ideal solution for any project. At GK_Construction we have the knowledge and experience to create all kinds of projects using steel frames, from expanding your house and outdoor area to building an industrial sized heavy structure.

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What defines us.

Our history starts all the way back to 1981, with our grandfather’s company in the construction industry, specializing in metal constructions. Then, in 1997 the company was passed on to our father, who started expanding our services, up until 2016, where it evolved into a full service construction company specializing in creating steel frame projects both for commercial and residential use. Our experience and expertise, allows us to offer high-quality services and provide you with the final product in just 12 months.

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Case Study

House in Alambra

A 2019 study for a house in Alambra with metal structure and smart design. Embedded within the design were provisions for solar panels and electric car charging, adding innovative features to the construction.

A metallic house

Metal Construction

House in Athienou

House construction in Athienou with heavy metal frame, heat-insulated brick masonry and interior masonry with dry construction. The construction included external thermal facade and a tiled roof.

A metallic house

Metal Construction

House in Kamares

House expansion in Kamares through the construction of an additional floor with a heavy metal frame, external and internal masonry with dry construction and a tiled roof.


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Work with the best team

Pantelis Kyriakou


With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, Pantelis ensures that his clients receive the best possible results and care from his team and partners.

Antreas Kyriakou

Mechanical Engineer

Antreas, the firstborn son of Pantelis, has brought innovation and new technologies to the company. With his knowledge of new methods and technologies, along with his father’s experience, GK Construction is able to uniquely serve every construction need.


We also specialize in:

Metal Constructions

We can provide all kinds of metal constructions, at any size or material, from steel to stainless steel. We are dedicated to offering you the best solution based on your needs.

Swimming Pools

Every dream house needs its dream pool. We can help you enjoy Cyprus’ weather by delivering or restoring your own swimming pool.

Renovations and House Expansions

Time can be cruel especially on older houses and buildings. Our experience and knowledge of construction allow us to propose building renovations using new methods, techniques and materials, or using our steel frame technology to further expand your building, fast, safely and cost-effectively.